Do you know someone who simply exudes Presence? 

Why not nominate them?


I am Dean Shams and I am doing my research for my next book. It is on Presence. I would like to interview people who are known to project presence. I want  to gain a deeper understanding of how these individuals think, their belief systems are and what influenced them. 

Who should be nominated?

It could be anyone. I belief that you don't have to be a top executive to exude presence. Leadership can be displayed and experienced at any level of the corporate ladder. Heck, I think you don't even have to be an executive to have presence. I want to celebrate that. They can even be of any age. 

You can even nominate yourself. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. :)

How to nominate someone?

Just fill up the form below and I will get in touch with you for the next steps. You just have to answer 3 questions about your nominee. 

What will happen when you nominate them?

I will seek your permission to connect with them, via email, social media, phone, etc. The interview can be via email, phone, Skype, face to face, etc. There are so many ways to get in touch. Whatever works best for both party. 

I will feature them on my social media platforms, especially LinkedIn.


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