Speak Smart, Make Your Mark

How to speak with tact, confidence and poise at work, even in sticky situations.

Do you sometimes feel frustrated that you are heard but never understood?

Have you tried to communicate something that got lost in translation despite your best intentions?

This book will give you everything you need to communicate consistently in the style of true leaders.


This book is written for professionals who are in leadership positions, i.e., managers, consultants and business owners.

Very often executives get promoted into a managerial position due to their technical abilities. In their new role, they struggle to find a firm voice to communicate with their subordinates.

They now have to delegate jobs, relay tough messages and deal with uncooperative team members. They also find themselves having to give opinions and say no to their higher management.

Many new managers struggle over their inability to handle these difficult situations confidently. Some retreat into passivity and some resort to aggression.

To be a successful manager you need to be able to communicate and work well with a variety of people.

The same applies to the business owners who now have to handle difficult staff, vendors and clients.

This book will teach you how to adopt the mindset of a masterful communicator. It is packed with useful frameworks and tips that will get you communicating with confidence and authority with subordinates, peers and bosses to get the results you want.

You will also learn how to relay your thoughts and messages in a clear, straightforward and respectful way even when faced with common difficult situations at work.

Now you can speak in the style of true leaders.


Praise for Speak Smart, Make Your Mark

Everyday we are growing increasingly accustomed to instant messaging through our mobile phones and computers, it is not surprising that witty and confident conversations are something that many individuals do not practice much, especially with the excess use of emoticons.

While the world perceives itself to be ever more so connected through technology, ironically we are losing touch with face-to-face communication. Dean Shams reveals the art of speaking strategically and confidently to access greater business potential and opportunities.

Lydia Neo | Director of Business Development | Helios Media Design Pte Ltd

Speak Smart, Make Your Mark is a timely resource for leaders in both the private and public sectors to enhance effectiveness in moving from plans to results and bringing the whole team with you. It is also a great tool for aspiring managers to develop self-efficacy by stepping into the shoes of others seeing how they define you by the way you communicate.

Unlike other publications on ‘communicating effectively’ that merely provide how-to lists of language tips and platitudes, this book gets to the heart of the issue – our mindset.

Stuart Whitman | Australian Educator and Political Adviser

Dean Shams in his latest book has provided insightful perspectives and practical tips on effective communication that ‎are not only useful to beginners but also for seasoned practitioners across all fields or expertise. A very good resource, indeed!

Zhul A Rahim | Partner | Rodyk & Davidson LLP

Dean gives his readers amazingly simple yet so effective tips and practical ideas to put into practice in various situations and circumstances. He also presents examples of problems and positive suggestions to intervene when communication is not effective.

Highly recommended reading to help you make your mark!

Dr Ramesh Tarani | Educator, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant

Cool stuff! I have known Dean for the longest time, and it is so great to know that all these skills that he has been using effectively have finally come out in a book! This will definitely help everyone get better and understand their own communication skills. Way to go, Dean!

MSL Jayantthi | Business Development Manager

This book has made me view communication in a new light. I felt I communicated well before, but there was much that I wasn’t doing or didn’t realize before. This book is a valuable resource.

Nicholas La Port | English Language Trainer

This book presents clear and effective communications techniques that we can all benefit from. Truly a life enhancer in essence. Most importantly, it is fun and enjoyable to read. Highly recommended for those who are working to improve their relationships.

Chow Yew Sun | General Manager | i-TradeLogistics Pte. Ltd.