Asian Executive Presence: Kek Sei Wee

Kek Sei Wee, CEO of IoTalents Pte Ltd, an HR recruitment firm, learnt about leadership through hard knocks. However, the self-confessed introvert was lucky to have mentors that showed him the way to building an executive presence by setting the right examples.

Practising mindfulness, empathy, building trust and deep relationships is See Wei’s path towards building leadership and presence.

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Asian Executive Presence: Evonne Ong

Evonne Ong exudes not only presence but a certain vivacity that is infectious.  Maybe because her presence is not just about herself. She is always genuinely interested in other people’s stories.

She brings with her extensive experience as a trainer-lecturer-facilitator in the pharmaceutical industry. She launched her consultancy ENNOVE two years ago.

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Asian Executive Presence: Evangeline Leong

Having determination and passion is good for success, but it is not enough to build a presence for yourself. One person who understands this all too well is CEO and founder of Kobe Global Technologies, Evangeline Leong.

Armed with just an idea to bring a transparent and authentic model of marketing to social media platforms, Evangeline went on to put together an 11-man power team that now manages 4,000 influencers. Read what she has to say about leadership and presence...

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Asian Executive Presence: Edric Ho

When we think of Executive Presence, we tend to assume that it must come from the top of the corporate ladder. But we also know that Presence cannot be built overnight. It must be nurtured over time before formal leadership positions are taken. Edric Ho knows this well and is passionate about development and progress, not just for himself but for this team too.

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Asian Executive Presence: Shahzad Ishaq

Shahzad Ishaq, Head of Consumer Finance at Bank Alfalah Limited (Pakistan), built his Presence the hard way. As a young business graduate 21 years ago, he stepped out into the working world expecting things to work for him. Instead, he found himself swallowing his pride, having to accept a difficult job of selling products, walking from marketplaces to offices under the hot Lahore sun. 

However, as they say, it is not what happens to you, it is how you respond to what happens to you that makes a difference. Shahzad did respond in a big way.

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