Audience Reactions

I find Dean's sharing really interesting and insightful. He is such a dynamic and engaging speaker to have on Up Your Game Conference 2017. The material that he shared was truly eye-opening, and it resonated with me. I would highly recommend him to any seminars/conferences to share his knowledge and wisdom locally and internationally!

Rayson Choo | Motivational Speaker

Dean’s passion and enthusiasm to help can be felt throughout the entire presentation at the Up Your Game Conference 2017. I was delighted when he shared some of the trade secrets how to boost my profile on both social and business networks. Before we can "up our profile", we have to be really “solid” at what we are doing. Fluff alone will not bring you far, but knowledge and credibility will. If you can bring insights and value to your business conversations, the rest will look up to you, and you gain attention. He is one of the best speakers I have encountered. His advice was easy to use, and it works!

Andrew Sean Yeo | HR Director

Dean is a refreshing speaker - to the point and not afraid to tell the truth. Thank you Dean for sharing your authentic insights. I learned some key takeaways that allowed me to see certain knowledge in new ways. Dean is very engaging and I felt like he was speaking only to me! 

Christina Sok-Cabrera | Life By Design Entrepreneur

There was an abundance of treasures that Dean Shams shared on "How to PR in your Career and Business" at the Up Your Game 2017 conference.  Dean has a flair that kept his audience captivated in their seats with his interesting lessons. He was a joy to listen to and an inspiration to me. From his life lessons, I have started to embrace my strengths and am reinventing myself to reconnect with like-minded individuals.

Aimiliyana Shamsuddin | Skin care business owner

Dean Shams is one of the most entertaining speakers I attended during the Up Your Game Conference 2017. He made a very intricate topic seems easy to understand. His lessons were very practical such that you can immediately apply it the moment you step out of the conference room.

One of the things I learned during his talk was that we need to identify and be sure on what beliefs we bring with us in our professional and business activities. That will create a strong brand for yourself regardless of the size of business you are running.

Charles Chin | Entrepreneur