Speak Smart, Make Your Mark

If you can consistently communicate with poise, diplomacy and emotions to affect other people, imagine what that can do for your life and career.

About Dean Shams


I am Dean Shams, director of Fluence, a company whose mission is to assist people and organisations to increase cohesiveness and reduce conflict at the work place by adopting masterful communication skills.

This website is the realisation of my long-term interest in how tiny changes in our mindsets, habits and communication style can have a profound positive effect on the quality of our lives.

My career has always revolved around communications. After 7 years in the training and education industry, I set up a boutique PR agency KinetiqBuzz in 2005, which I still run. KinetiqBuzz supports fast growing companies in the B2B sector in building their profile through media placements and branded content.

It is possible to be clear, concise and powerful in our messages
As a communications specialist, I have been working with business leaders and entrepreneurs in identifying their key brand messages. I found that, very often, they struggle to relay these messages in a clear, concise and powerful manner. I further train them on how to articulate themselves with confidence and flair while keeping their communications always on point.

Conflict and miscommunications need not be inevitable.
I have also been part of many work teams including management level ones. It always seems like miscommunications and conflicts are inevitable in any team. Upon analysis, I found that almost all conflicts arose out of a misalignment between intention and interpretation. When good intentions are conveyed poorly, they are bound to be misinterpreted.

Small changes can bring about profound effects.
I saw a real need for professionals and executives to adopt new ways of communicating their thoughts, opinions and ideas. But these new ways are surprisingly just small changes that can bring about profoundly positive outcomes in the way we relate to one another.

I strongly believed that if we paid more attention to the way we communicated and worked at improving our communication skills, conflicts would reduce. This will naturally increase cohesiveness of work teams and reduce workplace stress. Increase in productivity is inevitable.

My solution to the problem.
In 2014, I consolidated my two decades worth of experience and launched the Masterful Communicator Workshop SeriesTM.

I have since conducted these workshops and spoken at many MNCs and business organisations. Some of them include, AIA, OCBC, Pepperl & Fuch, Singtel, Glaxo Smith & Kline, Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce (SMCCI) and NUS Society.

I have also authored a book that was launched in March 2016 based on my experience, research and practices in communications – SPEAK SMART, MAKE YOUR MARK : How to speak with tact, confidence and poise at work, even in sticky situations.